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Sunday, August 21, 2011


My father told me once,"Nor, listen carefully to what I am going to say.Now I send you to school, not to get you rich or what, but it is just to fulfill my obligation as a father.I want you to learn how to read and write as much as you can so that you will not be like your mother and me.We cannot even tell the bus that can take us to Kuala Krai without getting help from others.when it is time for me to pay the quit rent of our land, you have to inform me for you can read the deadline written on the receipt".That advice, I understood very well.I promised my father not to fail him.

The above paragraph was taken from a book written by Prof Dr Shamsuddin Jusop: Dream & Reality a memoir.It gives significant meaning to me as my father hopes the same thing from me.For him, his life is dedicated to his children as he doesn't want us facing the same situation as he did.His father died when he was eight years  old which then caused her mother by herself had to feed  10 children..He was a bright and brilliant student but due to the financial problem, he couldnt pursue his study in tertiary level.My mom also couldnt finish her study but she able to read and write..what a superb advantages compared to others..

The important lesson here is I must be thankful for what i am now.I got the chance to explore this world in my tertiary education and all my siblings able to get formal education.It is simply because of my father.He works hard for us so that we will be someone, at least better than him.Besides working as a government servant, he also working on paddy field, rubber estate, oil palm farm and rearing cows.At the same time, always he remembering us on how important to remember our root and to pray on time.He doesnt talk much but always inspiring us through his attitude so that we able to think and choose by ourselves what's the best. He always advice us to do our best and try to achieve the highest level in our study either in academic  or religious knowledge before  entering the job world.

The best word to describe him is 'he is a good guru' as he keeps train and teach me to be better than him.He also teaches me in order to be excellent, we must have passion which is "the flame inside of us".Thats why we must have good intention in everything we do and must not think we want to be excellent because we want to be famous.

My father is my hero, my icon, my idol, and my bestfriend ever.His contribution to raise me up is uncountable and unpaidable. Always I pray for him and thank Ayah for always understand and keep me on the right track.


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